About Crraft of Art

Crraft of Art is an initiative focused on reintroducing monuments to the people, especially the younger generation. It addresses creatively, a worrying disconnect and receding interest among the general public and youth towards our monuments and heritage.

For the past nine years, in 19 Music Festivals, concentrating efforts in Gujarat primarily to build and reinforce the impact potential of the initiative, Crraft of Art has taken the monuments to people, so to speak, through a rich blend of quality thematic music and display of the monument's innate craftsmanship, beauty and splendour.

The special effort is in unearthing the monument's hidden art, history and glory, presenting it to people in a form that makes it richer in content and appeal and blending it with music that makes the message special and relevant.

Crraft of Art Is A Vision Of And Initiative By Birwa Qureshi.


About Birwa Qureshi

Trained as an Interior Designer from CEPT University in Ahmedabad, Birwa is a qualified Bharatnatyam and Folk Dancer. Married to Ustad Fazal Qureshi, the renowned Tabla Maestro, Birwa has travelled extensively to perform, conduct workshops and pursue her multiple interests. Birwa is passionately engaged in nurturing and promoting Crraft of Art.