About Crraft of Art

Crraft of Art is
An Idea
A Concept
A Vision
A Dream
Crraft of Art is devoted to

Reaching arts and crafts to the people-both the discerning and the uninitiated Interfacing between the established artists and emerging talent Engaging in talent search, especially from the distant and the interior places Putting on stage the artists of rare creativity and special talent Creative fusion between the arts and the crafts
Crraft of Art is about

Partnership &
Alliance making
Promote Arts and Crafts
Encourage and support Artists and Artisans
Reaching and sensitizing people
Crraft of Art is

Values Tradition
Respects History
Is in tune with modern trends and contemporary ethos, and sees tradition and modern as a continuum
Crraft of Art is

Being together in search of meaning
Discovering Arts, Crafts, Aesthetics and their value and relation to what we are and the
way we live
Journey and destination
Pursuit of joy and enrichment of life
Crraft of Art has blessings, guidance and support of the country's renowned and respected Artists and Craftsmen.
About Birwa Qureshi – Founder, Crraft of Art

Birwa Fazal QureshiCrraft of Art is a vision of and an initiative by Birwa Qureshi. Trained as an Interior Designer, Birwa is a qualified Bharat Natyam and Folk Dancer. Married to Ustad Fazal Qureshi, the renowned Tabla Maestro, Birwa has travelled extensively to perform, conduct workshops and pursue her multiple interests.

Birwa is passionately engaged in nurturing and promoting CRRAFT OF ART.